A discussion about pay rates

What rate(s) should I be charging ?

A number of GP’s have asked us how much they should be charging for their time, both hourly and daily.

We are not in a position to answer these questions, but we can host a discussion on the subject so that GPnetworks members can share information with each other.

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18 thoughts on “A discussion about pay rates”

  1. I know we’re not allowed to function as a cartel and fix our rates but at the same time, many of us have no idea what others are charging, and those charging very little don’t do themselves or others any service.
    I am by the way a fairly experienced GP
    I haven’t done any locums for about 12 mths, but even then was finding it hard to push my rates up higher than those I was getting in 2005, which was £500-550 for full day (no duty doc)
    3 hr Morning surgery £300 +/- visits
    2 hour afternoon £250 no visits
    I work mostly in Kent and E Sussex.
    Comments anyone?

  2. my rates vary between 400-420 for a full day incl surgeries admin. and 1-2 visits.Even on these relatively average rates I had some objections from practice managers that I charge too much

  3. I am retired as a partner and taking a pension. I charge £70 per hour.Approx £400-£500 per day depending on consulting time/visits/admin.
    Is this too little?

  4. I’m getting £400 a day as longish term locum (4 months) in East Sussex but when looking for work in Hampshire and Surrey I’m offered £360-375. Very difficult to know what to charge and at times get impression I’m being unreasonable for looking for around the £400 mark.

  5. I charge 75 per hour, 80 for extended hours surgeries. That only includes the surgeries. I charge extra for paperwork at my hourly rate and half my hourly rate per visit. For full days 9-6 I generally charge between 500-550 but specify upto 2 visits only, any extras charged at 35 per visit. For longer days or duty days I charge 600 per day. I haven’t really had much of a problem obtaining these rates and I am only just out of VTS.

    Chatting with local colleagues this doesn’t seem more than average and I know some people near me who charge 80 per hour as their basic rate. There is an element of negotiation with each individual surgery and there are some who will not pay as much as others. It depends how desperate for work I am as to how low I will go!!

    I work mainly in East and West Sussex.

  6. I work West Sussex and Brighton. Generally I charge around £80/ hr (£170 for 2 hours) through to about £520 for a full day and £36/visit. I don’t have a problem at all getting work with that and wonder if I am a little low. I increased my rates last April by 4%ish and had no comment at from clients.

    My philosophy is to do what I am offered and I have a tarrif for most things. I can acheive £600/day by doing three surgery-only sessions/day.

    I do sometimes work for Chilvers-McCrap but only at surgeries I know where the workload reflects the fixed (and often late) pay.

    Thanks to GPNetworks for being there and for setting up this discussion.

  7. Thank you for using our service to find locum work.

    I would like to start another discussion to explore the idea of segmenting GPnetworks into local revenue sharing Groups. Do you think anyone would be interested in discussing the idea ?

  8. I’m a little suspicious of why the initial poster wishes a discussion when thaey haven’t locumed for 1 year, I would suggest caution here

  9. In East Sussex I charge £75 per hour for a normal surgery and £80 per hour for an on call surgery. I’ve also worked in Nottingham where the rates are about the same. In Cornwall where I also work the rates are much lower. They expect 4 hours of work for £220 and won’t negotiate.

  10. Thank you for this – having started locuming in Sept I’ve been in the dark about what to charge and just ask practices for their usual fees…….

    A few queries – in terms of time for paperwork associated with the surgery just done eg referral letters – how do people charge for this ? Also does a set daily fee eg £420 include visits?

  11. Be very careful. If any of these comments could be construed as an attempt at price-fixing you could be fined 10% of annual earnings.

    If you have plenty of work, increase your rates. If you have too little, reduce them.

    If you want to know what an average rate should be, ask the agencies what they will pay you. Then add a bit on. Remember that agencies add up to 20% when they charge practices, so you can always undercut agencies and still do very well.

    I have kept my rates consistent over the past 3-4 years because on the one hand inflation is running at 3-4% and on the other GP principals’ earnings have dropped. I occasionally accept below my usual rate when there is a lull in bookings and I need the money. Right now in London I am turning away work.

  12. Sian – have clear Terms and Conditions. Extra work I charge at my usual hourly rate. See the Ts & Cs on my web site. You are welcome to copy and adapt my Ts & Cs for your own use.

  13. No way locums can survive without gpnetworks. It is excellent source to get locum works. It can be easily funded by both Practices and Locums but fee need to be bearable. One way is to link the fee to the locum sessions that come through gpnetworks or a fixed nominal fee. I am unsure is it profitable organisation.

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