How to be invisible

There are 3 aspects which determine how employers see you
1. Your availability
if you have no availability then practices will not see you in their availability calendar
2. Your visibility
If you have no visibility connections to practices, practices would not see you even if you had availability
3. Hub connections (set at the bottom of your edit profile screen)
If you have Hub connections then you can have custom visibility and availability to Hubs, distinct from that which practices see – Hubs can assign you if you have Hub availability

Combining work for EHS hubs and in-hours practices

Login to your account and click the Account menu item in the top menu bar – then click edit profile in the drop down (as shown)
IN the edit profile screen, scroll down near to the bottom and tick the HERE EHS opt in box – then the save changes button bottom right
This then alters the Hubs menu at in the top bar main menu, adding a new item for Hub Management
In this new screen you can setup your visibility and availability for EHS Hub work
These settings work alongside any regular setup in your main Schedule, related to in-hours work, so that you can be simultaneous assigned to your chosen hub shifts and requested by practices for in-hours shifts
The Schedule screen handles all conflicts and clashes in the best logical way and sends notifications and reminders to all parties at each step
Your activity will build a history of work for you and show a future work schedule
You can also easily invoice employers for past shifts worked in your Schedule – for this visit the Invoice screen in the top main menu

The Rules of Engagement

As a freelancer, you need to be able to work across a number of different types of employer.
As a locum with a GPnetworks account, you need your account to be able to handle the complexity of working for Hub banks, either in-hours or extended hours or out of hours and working for practices.
The Gpnetworks system handles all of this and creates a single unified Schedule for you of all your activity.

Naturally the rules behind this are quite complex – but here is some insight into them.

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Interaction with Practices

1. When a Practitioner does anything in their Schedule (accept, cancel, decline)   it gives them the option to choose whether to stay available for that session or not with a checkbox.

2. When a surgery confirms, the Practitioner is set unavailable for that session and  any other requests will be declined automatically  and notifications sent out.

3. When a surgery cancels an accepted OR confirmed session, it automatically sets the GP as available again.

Hub Assignments

1. Assignments will only be made if a GP has no accepted or confirmed, or assigned requests existing for that session in their Schedule.

2. When an assignment is made, any conflicting requests will be auto declined  (this will only consist of new requests the GP has not responded to yet, since assignment can’t be made for any accepted / confirmed)
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For more information about your GPnetworks account, please get in touch
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The Public Availability calendar option in GP profiles

The option of making your availability public simply means that you allow your availability calendar to be viewed on a public URL, outside of a GPn login – so you could send it to an employer, for example. As a feature it should have no direct bearing on your opportunity to find locum work through the system. All practices suing GPn will be able to see your availability as long as you have set them as Visible to you in your Visibility tab.

What is the Cover needed section ?

This is an added service for practices, when they are unable to find locum cover via the locum availability system, they can place a requirement that all GPs in the network can see. In your view, this is a combined list of all such placements. If there are none, it simply means that practices have no requirements they cannot match using the main system. Sometimes this may have 3 or 4 requirements in it. When such a requirement is created by a practice the system sends an email out to all GPs to let them know.