Cancelling a Confirmed booking

Gpnetworks does not have a Policy on the subject, since we are not involved in the negotiations between practices and practitioners

Both parties are able to post their terms to their Profile and we send each others terms, during the booking process

We have a logic within our system that relaters to cancellations – as follows:

GPs cannot cancel a booked session (via the system) – they can contact a practice and cancel it verbally with them and ask them to cancel the session on the system

Practices can cancel booked sessions but not on the day of the session – the system provides them a feature to do this and sends relevent communications / updates both parties Calendars etc

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Why can I not see a doctors contact details?

There are 3 possible reasons for this:

(note: in all cases, you can still Request GPs via the system)

1. The doctor has not published their contact details

2. You are using a FREE practice account (unable to see GP contact details)

3. Your practice is outside the doctors work radius but they have decided to show you their availability anyway (details below).


For example, a doctor has a work radius set in their account of 50 miles (this is how far they are willing to travel to work and affects the list of Practices they advertise their availability to)

Your practice is outside of this doctors Work Radius so, normally, you would not see their availability in your calendar.

However, the doctor has also activated a special feature within their account to show their availability to practices not on their personal list of employers (shows them to practices outside their radius) – but to not show those practices their contact details

Which means you can see the doctors availability and request the doctor via the system but not contact them directly


How to request and book a GP with the GPnetworks system

Using the GPnetworks system to Request and book a doctor brings many advantages. Its time saving, it creates an auditable schedule and history for both parties, it allows us to keep GPs availability bang up to date and it ensure highly usable, formal communication between GPs and Practices.

There is only one simple method to requesting and booking a doctor, via the system:

  • You look through the Calendar of GP availability, clicking GP names that show availability for the session(s) you require
  • When you are in the GP details screen, you can click on any session of availability in their Personal calendar and a little Request box appears that allows you to input details of your request
  • Specify the start and end times you require and optional fees and any notes and click the button to send the Request to the GP
  • This places an entry into your Schedule screen and sends the GP a Request notification (placing an entry into their schedule too)
  • When they respond you will get an email notification and the entry in your Schedule will change color to match the response
  • If the GP response was positive (an acceptance), you then come back to your Schedule and cancel or Confirm the session
  • On Confirm, both parties get a notification, practices are sent the GPs professional documents and both parties Schedules are modified to reflect the new status of the Request
  • The GPs availabaility is modified to reflect the change
  • GPs also get a reminder the day before the booked session

How do you know a GP is willing to travel to your practice to work?

When you login to look for a GP, how do you know that the GPs you see in your GP Availability calendar are willing to travel to your practice to work for you?

The entire system is built around this idea. Each account (GP and Practice) has a postcode and the system measures the distance between GPs and Practices and stores this in the database (if you alter your postcode it is re-measured)

Every GP has a screen in their account that allows them to specify how far they are willing to travel to work – when they set this radius, the system automatically shows them a list of practices within that radius. These are the practices that can see the GPs availability when they login.

In short, if your practice is on a GPs list, then you can see them. The fact that you see them in your GP availability calendar means that they are willing to travel as far as your practice to do sessional work.

However, for a GP, this is an initial tacit expression of willingness to work at a practice – not a commitment. Each request for work and subsequent commitment to work is negotiate individually between GP and practice during the request/booking process.

This means that both parties can take into account all the other important variables like nature of work, pay, visits, skills and qualifications, etc.

2011 usage statistics

Our figures for 2011 are in and they show a marked improvement on 2010

2011 statistics:
11604 logins by 259 practices, across 30 pct’s
18097 logins by 467 GPs

2010 statistics:
10011 logins by 251 practices, across 22 pct’s
14786 logins by 393 GPs