Your profile, docs, certs & competencies

As a staff account user (this can be many types, both clinical and non-clinical), you are able to manage all your documents and certificates within your Profile as well as add any additional qualification or competencies to your Profile.

These help employers you connect with to see your suitability for particular types of work.

The principles is that, the information you create within your Profile is shared with the employers you choose to connect with, within the network. Many employers have a hub so using the hub management section of your account, you can control which hubs you are connected with. As well as this, if you choose to be visible as a locum in the network, practices can see your profile information.

Hub interactions with your information

Hubs maintain and manage a workforce within their account. They onboard staff users that join their hub by verifying the information that the staff user profile shares with their hub and generating their own compliance process and compliance related information, stored at their end. Once a hub has onboarded you they will enable you within their hub. This means you are eligible for assignment to requirements within their hub rotas.

You can leave a hub by disconnecting within your hub management screen. This removes your information from the hub but not a history of your rota activity or the information they may have generated related to your compliance for their hub.

Hub requirements

Hubs can have slightly different document / certificate requirements. These are expressed through the docs and certs management in your account as required or not required documents. Generally, it’s best to upload as many documents and certificates as you can to your profile to maximise your opportunity within any hub.

Expiry dates

Some certificates have expiry dates. These can be set when you upload the file to your profile. Hubs can also see any relevant dates. Expired certificates are the same as not having a certificate uploaded in that they can prevent you being compliant to a hub and not being eligible to work in that hub.


The system will send document expiry date reminders to you in advance of a document in your profile expiring and another notification when a document expires. Hub administrators can also see expired documents and will also be notified by the system when an active member of their hub workforce has a document expire.

Volunteer (Marshall) FAQ

Brighton Racecourse COVID Vaccination Site

Staff FAQs – Marshals

Where will I be working?

One of three places:

Car Park – so bring warm/waterproof clothes. Fluorescent jacket will be supplied.

Front Door – greet patients/carers and take their temperature and ask them some screening questions (have you had COVID symptoms etc).

Queue Management – guiding patients through the venue to the vaccination booth and out the other side to the monitoring area post-injection.

Is there parking on site for staff?

There is plenty of free parking on site, if it is dry we kindly ask staff to use the grass area in front of the main entrance and leave the tarmac car park at the back for patients and their carers.

Will I be tested for COVID before I work there?

Yes, we ask all staff to take a lateral flow test at the start of every clinic.

Will I also get a vaccination?

Practice staff should be being invited to book an appointment for a vaccination, please ask if you have not.

Is the clinic socially distanced?

Yes, the racecourse venue is very large and everything is set up to operate socially distanced. Marshals greeting patients inside will be wearing PPE and you will be asked to wear a mask for the duration of the clinic and maintain a two metre distance from patients and colleagues alike.

Do I get a meal break/tea break and do I need to bring my own drinks?

There is a staff rest area with a fridge and free tea/coffee/hot chocolate/squash and biscuits (sometimes fruit). You will be advised when you can take breaks.