Covid-19 response

As part of the nationwide response to the COVID-19 crisis in the NHS, we are offering license-free employer accounts for any NHS body or organisation in the UK that is currently without our network

We have a number of different solutions available for rapid deployment, from Virtual Practice accounts to Field Hospital hub management accounts.

If you are looking for rapid deployment of a mixed practitioner network and a clinical workforce management solution that combines compliance checks with intelligent scheduling and payment calculations, we can offer this.

Below are some example of the kinds of solutions we are engaged in at this time.

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Federation or CCG wide mixed practitioner networks

A network can be deployed very quickly in cooperation with a Federation, CCG , PCN or Cluster.

Onto this network, we can deploy various types of employer accounts to interact with the clinicians in a number of ways.

  • Practice accounts or Virtual Practice accounts – these allow each account access to the combined availability of the clinicians and provide a simple request to book process that will dynamically build a Schedule within the account of both parties, based on activity – keeping all informed via internal communications.


  • Hub accounts – these accounts can build their own workforce from the networks and centrally manage and deploy clinical and non-clinical staff into multiple real or virtual sites with availability matching intelligence.

Hub accounts can be used for multiple purposes:

Create a COVID response hub to alleviate pressure on local Primary or Secondary Care services.

Create a Hub to manage a set of Field Hospitals, allocating clinical and non-clinical staff into rosters.

Create a service-level Hub for planned clinics.

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Many other types of staff utilisation and management solution are available using our platform. We are responding to ideas and requests at this time and ready to give time and resources for free to any NHS body.

Get in touch to speak to us about how we can help.

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