Free trial

About our free trial

You can start a free trial in 5 minutes, here

Our free trial is simply a way for an employer to test whether or not the service will be of benefit to them.

There are no strings attached to a trial. No automatic continuation at the end of the trial. No credit card or payment details required to register for a trial.

The trial provides a fully functioning account that simply provides an employer with 20 free uses of the system.

This should be plenty to decide if the service is going to be useful to you. It should save you time and money.

If not, at the end of the trial you do not have to do anything, it will simply end – meaning you will no longer be able to use your account.

If, at any time, you wish to reactivate your account, you can easily do so by logging in and making a subscription payment.

Each year of subscription costs just £150 – for full, unlimited access and support.

There are no other hidden fees for anything, No commissions for booking GPs.

That’s it !

You can start a free trial in 5 minutes, here