How can GPnetworks be improved in 2011?

This discussion is a sibling to an earlier discussion about the development of a specific feature inside GPaccounts.

The ideas raised in that earlier discussion are:

  • Allow a ‘switch’ within the GP Surgery screen to control if Practices can see a GPs availability outside their Work Radius (but do not show Practices how far a GP is from their location).
  • Add an attribute to Practice accounts: Parking space available? [yes | no]
  • Bring back the multiple session Requesting/booking feature for Practices (this was removed because it was under used)
  • Re-order the Inbox to show non-confirmed items before confirmed items
  • Send reminders to GPs for Confirmed sessions the day before the session
  • Enriched doctor profiles – to include: GPs Ts&Cs, GPs interpretation of the 4 sessions and GP details of willingness to travel related to work details.

Please give us your thoughts and ideas below.. They will form the basis of the next release of the GPnetworks system.

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