How do you know a GP is willing to travel to your practice to work?

When you login to look for a GP, how do you know that the GPs you see in your GP Availability calendar are willing to travel to your practice to work for you?

The entire system is built around this idea. Each account (GP and Practice) has a postcode and the system measures the distance between GPs and Practices and stores this in the database (if you alter your postcode it is re-measured)

Every GP has a screen in their account that allows them to specify how far they are willing to travel to work – when they set this radius, the system automatically shows them a list of practices within that radius. These are the practices that can see the GPs availability when they login.

In short, if your practice is on a GPs list, then you can see them. The fact that you see them in your GP availability calendar means that they are willing to travel as far as your practice to do sessional work.

However, for a GP, this is an initial tacit expression of willingness to work at a practice – not a commitment. Each request for work and subsequent commitment to work is negotiate individually between GP and practice during the request/booking process.

This means that both parties can take into account all the other important variables like nature of work, pay, visits, skills and qualifications, etc.