How the locum system works

For GP’s:

  • You can manage your sessional availability in your Calendar
  • You can keep private notes for any day in your Calendar (notes can downloaded as a excel file)
  • You control your location in your Profile tab
  • You specify how far you are willing to travel to work in your Surgeries tab
  • You control which surgeries can see your sessional availability in your Surgeries tab
  • You will receive email notifications when Surgeries Request you via the system
  • You can search the most important Clinical database in one click in your Clinical data tab
  • You can save Clinical data searches into your own history, add notes and download history as a pdf

For Practices and Health Centres:

You can use the system to find up-to-date GP sessional availability, then contact the GP’s yourself or make Request to GP’s via the system

If you use the system to contact the Dr’s – then the GPetworks system becomes a much more useful tool.

  • It handles the communication with notifications to both parties and reminders where a party has failed to respond
  • It creates both a sessional schedule and work history in your Calendar
  • It allows you to make multiple Requests to multiple GP’s in 2 clicks and sit back to await their responses (via the system)
  • When a Request progresses to a Booking, the system adjusts the GP’s availability to reflect the change – this keeps the system data up-to-date and better focused for everyone else