How to find locum work near you

There are a few simple things to do, in order to find locum work that suits you.


1. Enter your sessional availability
Each day is broken down into 4 sessions – click any sessions to make them available then save the changes

2. Add you skills and qualifications
Tick the boxes next to the particular skills and/or qualification that you have – then save the changes

3. Choose your work radius and manage your list of surgeries
The work radius determines what practices are in your Surgeries list below and, by the same token, what practices can see your sessional availability and request you to work. It is a general expression of how far you are willing to travel for sessional work. After setting this radius, you can individually select or deselect any of the surgeries in your list. When you are done, click ‘save’ to save the changes.

You are not committed to work for a practice because they are in your list. Each Request for work is negotiated between you and an employer directly.


Your message to employers
Go to your Profile, scroll down to ‘Optional short message’ and write something that will help practices to understand why they should request you.

Upload your CV
Update you availability frequently – the more frequently you update the greater your visibility to pracyices looking for sessional cover. This is because availability for any given day is served to employers in lists, within their calendar interface. When you update your availability you go to the top of the lists.