How to maximse your chances of finding session work with GPnetworks

There are a number of factors that can affect your ability to find sessional cover via the system:

1. the amount of availability you have in your calendar
The more you have the better

2. The frequency of your calendar updates
Updating puts your name to the top of the list for each day (for a while). the longer you take to update the further down the list your name falls. After 14 days it is removed (this is to ensure all sessional availability shown to practices is up to date)

3. Your work radius and surgery list
the more practices in your list the more likely it is that one will request you. I can see you only have 7 practices in your list – its not really enough. You live on the periphery of our network coverage. You can either increase your work radius to encompass more practices or help to expand the network by telling local practices about us (a free account is available to practices in new areas)

4. the note you leave in your profile
Practices see this note at the top of your details screen.

5. Your rate(s)
Do you publish a day/hour rate ? Publishing a reasonable one might encourage practices to contact you

6. make sure you are not missing request via email

Practice can call GPs or email GPs directly – but there is also a Request process built into the system, so they you might receive automated emails from us that relate to a request from a practice. (Check you junk folder if you think you should have received one)

When you login to your account, any requests made via the system will show up as a different colour in your calendar – click the session and the details of the Request appear on the left side of the screen. Here you can respond to the request and add notes.