How to request and book a GP with the GPnetworks system

Using the GPnetworks system to Request and book a doctor brings many advantages. Its time saving, it creates an auditable schedule and history for both parties, it allows us to keep GPs availability bang up to date and it ensure highly usable, formal communication between GPs and Practices.

There is only one simple method to requesting and booking a doctor, via the system:

  • You look through the Calendar of GP availability, clicking GP names that show availability for the session(s) you require
  • When you are in the GP details screen, you can click on any session of availability in their Personal calendar and a little Request box appears that allows you to input details of your request
  • Specify the start and end times you require and optional fees and any notes and click the button to send the Request to the GP
  • This places an entry into your Schedule screen and sends the GP a Request notification (placing an entry into their schedule too)
  • When they respond you will get an email notification and the entry in your Schedule will change color to match the response
  • If the GP response was positive (an acceptance), you then come back to your Schedule and cancel or Confirm the session
  • On Confirm, both parties get a notification, practices are sent the GPs professional documents and both parties Schedules are modified to reflect the new status of the Request
  • The GPs availabaility is modified to reflect the change
  • GPs also get a reminder the day before the booked session