How to self-assign

(Once your account is enabled within a Hub)

In your account, your Schedule screen contains all Hub Assignments, shifts available for self-assignment and any cancellations. Everything is in one place and commitments with different employers cannot clash. Everything works intelligently together in this one schedule view.

Joining a Hub does not mean you are automatically eligible for assignment. After you join, a Hub admin needs to check your Profile and enable you for Hub assignment. At this point, you will be able to see any self-assignment shifts for the Hub in your Schedule.


Hubs have the option to allow eligible members of their workforce to self-assign to unfilled shifts within their rotas.

In order to self-assign you need to ensure that your Schedule screen shows self-assignment shifts. Your Schedule screen includes a set of filters that allow you to control the view of the Schedule. One of these filters controls the visibility of self-assignment shifts.

When self-assignment shifts are visible within your Schedule, for any Hubs you are connected with that allow self-assignment, you will see shifts that you can click on to assign yourself to. This creates an Assignment in your Schedule, in the Hub rota and notifies the Hub. Its also means that no-one else can assign themselves to the shift.

The assignment will stay in your schedule unless you or the Hub admin cancel it. You will receive a reminder about the assignment closer to the time and the assignment will form part of your history of work after the assignment date.

Desktop view of Schedule screen filters
(mobile view hides them within an icon at the top of the screen)

Above is how shifts available for self-assignment look in your Schedule before you self-assign to them. Click and self-assign and they will turn into green Assignments. Mouse over a shift to reveal its details and click the info box for more details before you assign yourself.

The self-assignment details you see before you self-assign

If you are having problems and unable to self-assign

There are number of possible reason why you will be unable to self-assign to Hub shifts – in order of most common to least common reason:

  1. Your account is not enabled yet in the Hub you have joined
  2. Your Schedule filter is hiding self-assignment shifts (see above)
  3. You have 2 accounts and are logged into one not connected/enabled
  4. The hub has no eligible shifts for self-assignment in its rota
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