Requesting GPnetworks in your area

If you live in a part of the UK where GPnetworks does NOT currently operate, not to worry – together, we can get our network and the accompanying web-based system up and running in no time.

AND there are big benefits for any practice or group of practices that help to establish GPnetworks in their area!

At this time an annual subscription to the GPnetworks system is £150 – for unlimited use. This means find/request/book as many locums as you like for as many sessions as you like, at no extra cost. Deal directly with the GPs and pay only their hourly/daily rates and no more on top!

Any practice helping to establish GPnetworks in a new area is eligible for a full years FREE subscription! This is also true for groups of practices.

This offer means that it is risk free for practices to setup and trial GPnetworks in their area.

The key to creating a network in your area is to have more than 15 practices registering at the same time.

Get in touch now to talk to us about starting GPnetworks in your area