As an NHS Clinician you are likely to access some of the national NHS IT applications (including the Patient Demographic Service, Choose & Book, the Electronic Prescription Service and the Summary Care Record) whilst delivering the best possible care to your patients. It is therefore essential that you can access these applications securely and that any entries and/or amendments are auditable. This can be achieved through the use of your NHS smartcard and the correct allocation of role based access controls (RBAC). In the future access to certain GP IT systems (i.e. TPP SystmOne) will be dependant upon the insertion and validation of your smartcard.

GPnetworks has provided an additional field within your GP user profile screen to allow you to record your Smartcard Unique User Identity (UUID) number. The addition of this field will allow practice staff to locate your Smartcard UUID at the time of the booking via the GPnetworks system, thereby ensuring they have sufficient time to ensure that their organisation can be registered to your Smartcard and that you have the correct Role Based Access Codes (RBAC) to fulfil your role.

Your UUID number is the 12-digit number located beneath the photo on your smartcard.

To access your GP networks profile page please login to your account and click the Profile tab.

Online discussion:
We have started an online discussion on the subject of Smartcards. Please feel free to contribute your views or ask any questions.

A discussion about NHS Smartcards

Smartcards can expire. If you are aware that your smartcard has expired i.e. you receive access error messages when attempting to logon, please contact your sponsor to ensure they can revalidate your card.

If you do not have an NHS Smartcard and work within a set GP practice on a regular basis please speak to the Practice Manager who can advise you as to how to obtain a NHS Smartcard.

If you do not have an NHS Smartcard and do not work regularly for a set organisation/practice please contact us by replying to this email and we will put you in touch with the right person to help you resolve this.