How to invoice for shifts

When you have confirmed shifts in the past in your schedule, you can create invoices from these very easily – grouped by employer.

They will be generated in your account and the employers account and the employer will receive a notification.

The employer then marks the invoice paid at their end and, when the money enters your bank account, you can mark it received your end (reconciliation)

The process starts in your invoice screen, by click the ‘create new invoice’ button. This takes you to a screen where you can choose a date range for shifts and select an employer you have worked for. The result of these filters will show you the uninvoiced shifts.  You can then select shifts to invoice and build an invoice from them.

This adds them to an invoice tamplate and performs any necessary calculations. At this point you can create extra row and add additional data.

When you are happy with invoice you can commit to, which will generate it and place it into both your account and the employers account history.