The Trusted list feature

All Enhanced (paid) accounts include Trusted list management.

A Trusted list is a list of GP, controlled by each practice, comprised of GPs from the wider system that the practice trusts. Practices may request any GP to join their Trusted locum list and GPs can accept or decline this request. Being on a practices list means that a GP is more likely to get work with that practice.

This internal list is managed in an extra screen within your account. Practices can add/remove doctors from their list and retain information relating to the clinical governance of their list members.

Accounts with the Trusted list feature can also filter the general sessional availability screen and their schedule screen using their Internal list. This will then show only doctors on their list.

To add a doctor to your Trusted list, simply locate them first in the general availability, then visit the doctors details screen to find a link allowing you to request the doctor to join your internal list.

They will then receive an email notification containing links to accept or decline this request.

If they accept they will appear in your Internal list screen and within a new part of their employers screen reserved for these trusted relationships.