Volunteer (Marshall) FAQ

Brighton Racecourse COVID Vaccination Site

Staff FAQs – Marshals

Where will I be working?

One of three places:

Car Park – so bring warm/waterproof clothes. Fluorescent jacket will be supplied.

Front Door – greet patients/carers and take their temperature and ask them some screening questions (have you had COVID symptoms etc).

Queue Management – guiding patients through the venue to the vaccination booth and out the other side to the monitoring area post-injection.

Is there parking on site for staff?

There is plenty of free parking on site, if it is dry we kindly ask staff to use the grass area in front of the main entrance and leave the tarmac car park at the back for patients and their carers.

Will I be tested for COVID before I work there?

Yes, we ask all staff to take a lateral flow test at the start of every clinic.

Will I also get a vaccination?

Practice staff should be being invited to book an appointment for a vaccination, please ask if you have not.

Is the clinic socially distanced?

Yes, the racecourse venue is very large and everything is set up to operate socially distanced. Marshals greeting patients inside will be wearing PPE and you will be asked to wear a mask for the duration of the clinic and maintain a two metre distance from patients and colleagues alike.

Do I get a meal break/tea break and do I need to bring my own drinks?

There is a staff rest area with a fridge and free tea/coffee/hot chocolate/squash and biscuits (sometimes fruit). You will be advised when you can take breaks.

5 thoughts on “Volunteer (Marshall) FAQ”

  1. I have signed up for a couple of shifts next week and been told they are 7 hours long (1-8pm). I thought they were to be shorter than that as it says there are 3 shifts per day on your sign up page 8-12, 12-4 and 4-8pm. Has that now been changed or is it just for the days I have chosen?

  2. Hi
    I have signed up and marked myself available for a couple of voluntary shifts – will I get confirmation that I’m required please? Getting quite confused with the “general” email updates that I’m receiving asking people for their availability with links that don’t come to this site.
    Many thanks

  3. There needs to be more information added here:
    – whether you need to arrive in advance of shift time for testing
    – whether marshalls will be vaccinated (the reference to practice staff in this article is not clear)
    – where to go on arrival and who to speak to
    – whether self assigned shifts will be confirmed
    – whether you will be advised in advance if you will be indoors or outdoors so you know how to dress

    I am sure for people who have done this previously this is all obvious, but for anyone volunteering for the first time none of this is clear.

  4. Hi I have just signed up and been accepted.
    I’m not sure what happens next.
    Would appreciate some advice please
    Pat clowser

  5. Hi Pat
    To join a Hub service such as Covid Vax or EHS, the connection process has two steps:

    Register for an account on the network
    Join a Hub from your account

    When you register for an account, there is a small process of confirmation before that account is live.
    Once its live and you can login etc, you can join Hubs.
    Each time you join a Hub there is a small process where the Hub needs to accept you
    Once this is done, you are ready to begin working for the Hub

    However, Hub admins may hold before assigning you to shifts in their rota, until they have checked various aspects of your Profile. This varies between different staff user types such as GP, nurse, HCA, Pharmacist, etc and Volunteers.

    When they are ready to assign you, they will enable you within their Hub – which means you can start to see shifts in their rota that are eligible for you to self-assign to from your app Schedule screen.

    Hope this helps



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