Working or Volunteering in Vaccination Centres from the 23rd August

Providing Vaccinations to Patients Under 18 Years of Age

You must complete the training courses listed which are relevant to you job role (see list in cover email) and if relevant to your job role (see list in cover email) hold an enhanced DBS certificate showing the barred listings for adults and children to work in clinics with under 18s present.

Whilst the initial clinics will be aimed at under 18’s only, adult clinics will be opened up to under 18s shortly so please ensure you complete the below, if you haven’t already, as soon as possible. Our first clinic for people under the age of 18 takes place on the 25th August 2021 so your prompt attention is appreciated.

Children’s ‘barred list’ checks 

Attn: Vaccinators, clinical leads, pharmacy leads.

 Staff giving vaccines will have already had an enhanced DBS check, which includes checking the adult’s barred list. As staff may now be required to vaccinate under-18s, we’ll be completing a check of the children’s barred lists.   If you don’t hold this (you can check on your profile on the workforce platform), you must contact us so we can advise you of the next steps.

Please note that site manager, site support and marshal supervisor positions will now also require an enhanced DBS check along with checking the adult and children barred list. We will be in contact with you directly.

Please be assured that this information will be treated confidentially and the results of checks shared only with our Human Resources teams.