A network for all

This support site is operated by GPnetworks, for the users of GPnetworks, Workforce and Tempo

These three solutions are integrated within one multi-disciplinary network and used by GP Practices, PCNs and GP Federations. Workforce network accounts are free for all.

Our network enables working together to realise the true value of the primary care workforce, valuing team working, improving staff satisfaction and retention of primary care staff.

GPnetworks generates a network of primary care staff, clinical & non clinical, employed & self-employed and a low-cost, zero-commission, locum booking solution. It manages all the differences between all types and the different relationships between staff and employers that can emerge.

The system provides powerful tools for Primary Care employers, spanning all parts of the Primary care system, from single practices to clusters with PCN services, to advanced PCNs and Federations.

All relationships within the network are self-determined and there is no commission for any activity. This approach generates a natural ecosystem of demand & capacity at the system level, which benefits all parts of the network and the system itself.