What is GPnetworks?

GPnetworks is a free system for GPs, Nurses, Paramedics and Practice staff. It lets employers build combined workforce networks and provides an availability and booking system.

A free trial is available for any practice, healthcare provider or primary care service provider.

For Primary care staff, clinical and non-clinical, its a simple and free way to find work near your location.

Originally designed to help GPs find sessional work near where they live and practices to find local sessional cover quickly and cheaply – without using agencies, the system now encompasses all primary care workforce types and is used by extended hours service providers.

We take no part in transactions between employers and their workforce staff and do not perform governance of GPs (although GPs can upload their governance docs into their profile).

For workforce users

  • Create sessional availability for each session of every day of the year
  • Control which practices can see their availability
  • Specify what specialist skills or qualifications you have
  • Upload your CV, Terms & Conditions and governance docs into your profile
  • Join Extended Hours Hub services
  • Receive request for cover, respond and confirm/decline
  • Get directions and policy documents sent to you automatically
  • Send your important documents to a confirmed employer automatically
  • Keep personal notes in your calendar (private)
  • Generate and send Invoices for all work you & keep a book keeping history

For employers:

  • Signup for a free trial account
  • View all local workforce availability
  • Filter availability by skills / qualifications
  • Request and book staff
  • Manage a schedule of sessional cover
  • Advertise salaried jobs / partnerships
  • Manage your invoices from your workforce
  • View and print reports on your activity and payments

Donate to GPnetworks

GPnetworks is not a registered charity but it is a company that operates at the fringes of profitability. We charge practices £150 per year for unlimited access to our service and this fee means we just about make enough turnover to operate.

If you would like to make a donation to GPnetworks, it would be gratefully received. We re-invest any residual profit into improvements and new ideas, in order to make the service more effective. At this time, we have more ideas than money !

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Thank you for supporting GPnetworks

Free trial

About our free trial

You can start a free trial in 5 minutes, here

Our free trial is simply a way for an employer to test whether or not the service will be of benefit to them.

There are no strings attached to a trial. No automatic continuation at the end of the trial. No credit card or payment details required to register for a trial.

The trial provides a fully functioning account that simply provides an employer with 20 free uses of the system.

This should be plenty to decide if the service is going to be useful to you. It should save you time and money.

If not, at the end of the trial you do not have to do anything, it will simply end – meaning you will no longer be able to use your account.

If, at any time, you wish to reactivate your account, you can easily do so by logging in and making a subscription payment.

Each year of subscription costs just £150 – for full, unlimited access and support.

There are no other hidden fees for anything, No commissions for booking GPs.

That’s it !

You can start a free trial in 5 minutes, here

GPnet partners

Our practice coverage is mainly in the South of England – but if you are a GP and would like to help us develop GPnetworks in your area, you can earn revenue as a Partner.

As a Partner, you will earn 50% of the revenue from any practice subscribers, for 3 years.

We offer any practice a free, no obligation, trial – so they can evaluate the effectiveness of the system before properly subscribing. This trial can last between 1 and 3 months, whatever if required.

GPnetworks has always been a free service for GPs. Getting them on board is the secret to success in any area.

Contact us for details.

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Terms & Conditions
GPnetworks will not pass on your personal details to any third party