Locum work – workflows

There are two workflows designed to connect you and practises that are looking for cover:

1. Practices post requirements, GPs can see these in their Schedule and respond to offer cover

If you looking your schedule into the future, you will be able to see shift requirements that practices have created which you are able to offer cover for

Simply click on one in the schedule and you will be able to offer cover which the practise can accept or decline

At the same time there is a chat mechanism that you can use, either related to a requirement or just general chat, to have a direct conversation with a practice. These are maintained in a structured and threaded chat history.

2. GPs share their availability to work and practices see this and create direct requests for cover to the GP, via the system

In your schedule you can add any amount of availability that you wish simply by clicking on the segments of the days. Practises can see this availability and click to request cover from you. If you accept, they will Confirm this booking and it will appear in your Schedule and theirs, notifications will follow and a reminder comes the day before.