Hub configuration

Hub settings

Any hub is highly configurable and can be be designed to work in a specific way, to support any service.

As well as this, there are many optional workflows that work independently or together. This allows hub administrators to design their own way of working.


Manage a team of administrators

As a hub admin connected with your hub and with all permissions, you should see all the workforce in their user type groups


Where, as a super admin, you can manage the other hub admins access and IG individually

Workforce user management

Not all user profile fields will be relevant to every hub service and only a few are required, in order to assign a user into a rota. Some relate to other types of relationship with a hub.

Ignore missing documents’ is required to be locked in order for a user to be assignable in a rota. If it is not locked then the user is required to upload all missing documents into their profile, from their end, in their account (app or desktop)

As an example, an IAS hub using the system and staffing it with flexible workers would probably not tick ‘ignore missing docs’ and instead use a rigorous process of document checking in order to bring all their staff into compliance for their service.