Requesting GPnetworks in your area

If you live in a part of the UK where GPnetworks does NOT currently operate, not to worry – together, we can get our network and the accompanying web-based system up and running in no time.

AND there are big benefits for any practice or group of practices that help to establish GPnetworks in their area!

At this time an annual subscription to the GPnetworks system is £150 – for unlimited use. This means find/request/book as many locums as you like for as many sessions as you like, at no extra cost. Deal directly with the GPs and pay only their hourly/daily rates and no more on top!

Any practice helping to establish GPnetworks in a new area is eligible for a full years FREE subscription! This is also true for groups of practices.

This offer means that it is risk free for practices to setup and trial GPnetworks in their area.

The key to creating a network in your area is to have more than 15 practices registering at the same time.

Get in touch now to talk to us about starting GPnetworks in your area

Understand how T&Cs are handled in GPnetworks

A GP uploads their T&C’s to their profile

When a practice requests a GP via the system, and the GPs accepts the request, the T&C’s are attached to the email notification to the practice.

Note, an acceptance is not a confirmed session – the practice still has the option to confirm or cancel accepted requests. this means the practice can review those T&Cs before confirming a session

hope this clears it up

Unraveling the logic of the request process

On this support system, other articles deal with the basic logic of the request process.

This Q&A looks at the issues of cancellation and first come first served when booking sessions.

For example, on 29th I accepted a request from practice A in the morning and practice B in the afternoon. But I had also been requested by practice C for the whole day.
When I accept the requests from practice A and B, does practice C automatically get sent a message declining them? (As at this point their request disappears from my GP Networks).

Almost. The logic outlined above is true but relates to when session requests that you have accepted are Confirmed by a practice – this is when a session becomes effectively locked and disappears for all other employers availability calendars

At this point another practice cannot request you or a practice with an outstanding request will get a declined notification and be unable to continue with the booking process with you for that session

GP professional documents

GPs store many of their important professional documents within their Profiles. You can view these any time by visiting a GP Profile (click a GP name in your calendar)

As well as this, when you book a GP via the system, the conformation email will contain links to the GPs important documents, for you to download

Near the foot of the Confirmation email, you will see something like this:


To contact this GP please use the following contact details:

Telephone: 02081338636

GMC no: 123456789

You can view his or her terms and conditions here: Download
Medical Defence Certificate Document: Download
GMC Registration Document: Download
Performers List Letter Of Confirmation Document: Download


Terms & Conditions

Sometimes a GP may ask you to refer to their Terms & Conditions. These are within a document stored in the GPs Profile and is emailed to you at the email address associated with your Practice account, as an attachment to a booking confrmation email.

So when you book a doctor via the system, lookout for the confirmation email and look for the attachments. Often other import GP professional documents are also attached.