Managing your time-off & leave

View entitlements. Create leave requests. View request status. View your colleagues time-off.

TEMPO will automatically calculate your leave based on your Working plan for the hub, so you can include non-working dates in your request.

  • Please leave the amount of leave blank if requesting full days.
  • In the Monthly Calendars, TEMPO will display the amount of your leave on each date.
  • It can also show leave booked by other members of your Booking Team.

When booking a part day:

  • Sessional staff: 1 session is 4 hours and 20 mins
  • Hourly staff: normal hours & mins
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View entitlements. Create leave requests. View request status. View your colleagues time-off.

Tempo can calculate all your leave entitlements from your work plan and then add various adjustments, to create an overall annual entitlement for any financial year.

Built in

  • Leave entitlement (pro rata)
  • Bank holiday adjustments

If applicable

  • Long service
  • Carry over
  • Study leave
  • Appraisal time


  • Toil balance

Toil balance is an ongoing calculation between your TOIL accrued and your TOIL leave taken.

At the end of a year, the TOIL balance and any final leave allowance not used are combined and feed into the hub carry over rules.

Collaborative leave views

In your leave management screen, you can also optionally show leave for your team colleagues in the calendar, helping you to plan your time-off better.


Your balance

Tempo will maintain a calculated balance of time used and time remaining, in relation to all entitlements and time-off approved, across all types and including a TOIL calculation.

Booking leave

Leave time-off, as well as other forms of time-off, can be requested via your account, in the Time-off management for the hub.

Your time-off requests and approved status, show in the table above your leave calendar

Request time-off by clicking the button ‘Book time off’.

This opens a popup to take some details and, if you are rostered, will then automatically calculate the deductions for each day in your work plan over the time period you request.

Once approved, this can be edited by your Manager, if needed.

Requests and approvals generate email notifications to keep you and your team leave manager up-to-date and move the process along.

Reporting TOIL

In your leave management screen you can also report TOIL.

Reporting TOIL (when approved) accrues TOIL as an additional form of time-off entitlement.

When taking time-off you can use TOIL leave as an option. This will then deduct time off from the TOIL accrued.

Below your calculations, there is a link to popup a TOIL balance for the financial year

Workforce pools, priority of assignment, delegation and resilience

Workforce pools provide a useful grouping of a mixed workforce, that supports a priority based approach to solving rota requirements.

The pools are the basis of a logical approach to understanding your workforce based on the levels of trust, commitment and cost that exists within the relationship.

The workforce pools,

  • Partners
  • Employed staff (not a partner)
  • Staff bank
  • Staff bank flexible staff
  • Flexible staff
  • Network locums

By thinking in terms of these pools of staff, a hub rota manager can use the built-in rota features to control access to shifts and assignment, among the pools. This provides a basis for a bespoke approach to escalating requirements outward, into less trusted, potentially more expensive groups of staff, in a logical way that optimises the hubs ability to use trusted staff and save money.

Connecting with hubs

How to connect with hubs from your account

If you would like to connect with a new hub service, such as a Federation hub or a PCN hub, its very easy to do so, via your existing account, in the app or on a desktop computer.

Simply login and visit your Hub management section.

In there you can add new hubs. Click ‘Add Hub’ and choose one, such as the ‘Brighton and Hove Federation GP Practice Bank Staff’

This action will add the hub to your Profile and contact the hub managers to let them know you have requested to join.

They can then see your account from their end and enable you into their Hub.

Once enabled in the hub you will become part of the Hub workforce and be able to assign to shifts created by that hub.

A member of the Hub management team will then contact you about further onboarding, but most information they need will already be automatically passed to them when you join the hub, via your existing profile.

Once enabled in a new hub, all shifts and assignments show in your unified Schedule, alongside nay others that are relevant to you, based upon other employers you are connected with within your account.

If you need any support with any of this or anything else related to your account, you can contact a member of the network Admin team anytime using

Creating invoices and invoicing hubs

If you have worked shifts for a hub, invoices for the shifts are generated automatically at the start of the month, for the previous months work. These appear in your account under invoices and can be downloaded / printed, etc.

Only when having worked in practices can you use the generate invoice features provided to manually create an invoice from time worked at that practice, that has been recorded in your Schedule.