Engaging with employers via your account

Your profile, docs, certs and sharing these with employers

Your profile allows you to be responsible for maintaining your docs & certs. These are then shared to employers that you connect with via the system.

There are 2 scenarios for connection:


Ad hoc locum work

When a practice asks you to provide cover or you see a practice requirement and respond to that, offering cover – if this is confirmed then your docs & certs are shared to the practice so they can check them.

They may start a chat with you, on the site, to ask for something or clarify something.


Working in a hub

If you choose to connect with a Hub, this places your information into their hub workforce management view, where they can check it and activate you within their hub, for Assignment to their shifts. As long as you maintain a connection with the hub, your Profile data is shared from your account to the hub.


Your Schedule

Your Schedule will contain all shifts you are eligible for, whether ad-hoc practice requirements or sessions within a hub rota. It also also contains any requests you receive .

Things change colour and have new info as their status alters within a workflow between you and the employer.

You can see and respond to things in your Schedule and automatic notifications are generated to drive the process.