Logging in to your account should be one of the most straight forward actions of the platform but can often appear complex and become frustrating, for a few reasons:

All logins fail when either:

  • A username & password combination does not match those stored in the database for the user
  • A user does not have an account on the network
  • A user has a deactivated account

(note: the email address for the account can also be used along with the password)

Example scenarios & solutions

You have the right username but the wrong password.

Do a password reset and a new password will be sent to your email address

You do not know your user name

You can try logging in using your email address instead + password

You do not know your what email address is used in your account

You need to get in touch with us

You can login but see a screen telling you your account is inactive

You need to get in touch with us


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  1. Hello ,
    \there seems to be a problem with the post code input
    I have and i know it is correct ( I have been using it for 45years )
    It will not accept it.
    I have tried several other post codes same problem
    best wishes


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