Managing your time-off & leave

View entitlements. Create leave requests. View request status. View your colleagues time-off.


TEMPO will automatically calculate your leave based on your Working Pattern, so you can include non working dates in your request.

  • Please leave the amount of leave blank if requesting full days.
  • In the Monthly Calendars, TEMPO will display the amount of your leave on each date.
  • It will also show leave booked by other members of your Booking Team.

When booking a part day:

  • Sessional staff: 1 session is 4 hours and 20 mins
  • Hourly staff: normal hours & mins

Tempo can calculate all your leave entitlements from your work plan and then add various adjustments, to create an overall annual entitlement for any financial year.

Built in

Leave entitlement (pro rata)
Bank holiday adjustments

If applicable
Long service
Carry over
Study leave
Appraisal time

Toil balance


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