Registration and login support

Recently there have been quite a lot of new practitioners and practice admins registering and many people needing to access their existing account.

Some may have experienced issues – not due to a system bug – but because there is some logic around creating an account that prevents someone with an existing account from re-registering with the same username or email.

Also, some users may have simply forgotten their login and need help to set a new password.

We want to clarify the registration and login rules here as well as explain what things are in place to help anyone experiencing an issue accessing their account.

At the same time, we are always here to support people with these issues and will respond very quickly around the clock, on

The registration rules:

  • All email addresses and usernames in the system need to be unique.
  • Its possible for a person to register twice, using a different email but this is NOT advisable as it will lead to confusion in future.
  • Anyone who cannot register and is being told their account exists already needs only to retrieve and reset their login for their account.

Login and password reset:

  • The login is found at the top right of the home page
  • Clicking the login opens a modal popup like this (browser popup blockers could block this)
  • In this login modal you can use your username OR your email address, along with your password.
  • If you do not know your username, you can retrieve this and reset your password by clicking the ‘Forgotten password’ link at the bottom of the modal.
  • The password reset modal appears, like this
  • Entering your email into this modal will send your username and a new password to your email address (note: this email must be the one held in your account)

If you do not receive your reset email it may be that it is going to a spam / junk folder or being blocked by your email provider

If you use the reset more than once, each time you use it a new password is generated, so only the most recent reset will work as a login.

If you do not receive a reset or your reset does not work, please ask us for help and we resolve the issue for you.