Your Schedule, requests for work, assignments and more

Since 2017, GPnetworks has incorporated working with Hub services, combining traditional in-hours work for practices with other forms of shift work such as Extended Hours (EHS).

This has meant that your Schedule has become a little more complex, since it has had to evolve to handle the extra types of shifts, the logic that accompanies them and manage the relationships between all shift types.

From your perspective, there is a single Schedule for all your work. Interpreting your Schedule is aided by the view filters down the left hand side, that allows you to turn on and off different aspects of the Schedule.

Different shift types are shown in different colours to help you interpret your work schedule.

Blue Requests are those you receive from practices.

These are Requests for in-hours shifts at a specific Practice

If you Accept a Blue request this will turn Yellow. This does not mean you have been booked but informs the Practice concerned that you have accepted the Request, The Practice can then confirm the request, which creates a form booking.

A Confirmed request will show as green in your Schedule and you will get an email reminder the day before the shift.

— — —

Hub Service Assignments

When you use your Hub Work screen to connect to and show availability to a Hub service, you may then receive Assignments from the Hub – the are shown as light green in your Schedule.

Hubs also provide an additional method of picking up shifts called self-assignment. Three weeks before a shift you will see the shift in your Schedule in dark grey and can click to self-assign to the shift.

(please note: to see self-assignment shifts in your schedule, the self-assignment filter on the left side of your schedule screen must be turned on)

— — —

Rest assured all the logic that manages Requests and Assignments is handled automatically for you. You cannot be double booked or miss out on an opportunity, so long as you manage your Availability and Visibility to both practices and Hubs properly from within your Account.

— — —

Notifications and reminders

All requests, cancellations and changes within your Schedule are followed up with an email notification. Many of these provide an action within the body of the email so you won’t even need to login to respond,

When you are booked to work, whether for a Practice direct or for a Hub, you will also receive a reminder before the shift.

— — —


After you have worked a Confirmed shift you can use your built in Invoicing feature to generate invoices for practices.

When you work for a Hub service and are paid by the Hub provider, your invoices are automatically generated for you and placed into your Invoices section.

— — —

Cancelled request are shown in red and can be removed from your Schedule.

If you decline a request you have an option to keep the availability in your Schedule for others or to remove it.

— — —

Connect to Hub services

To connect with Hub services and pick up shift assignments you simply need to add a Hub connection to your account.

These screen shots show how to add hub connections to your account from your Dashboard.

Step 1 – click the Hub Work section


Step 2 – click manage Hubs


Step 3 – Click ‘Add a hub’ and choose from the Hub services available. This will generate an automated join request to the Hub admin. When they accept your connection you will be notified. The Hub service will follow up with you to induct you and ensure your are compliant, before Assigning you to Hub shifts according to your availability and chosen locations of work.

Invoicing via your account

Each Account contains an Invoice tab. In here you find everything related to book keeping and invoicing for the work you have completed via the system.
For work with Extended hours / improved access hubs, the invoices are generated automatically for you each month and the data passed to their finance dept at the beginning of the new month.
They then pay you as per your contractual agreement with the service.
When you work for a practice directly via the system, you can manually generate invoices for the shifts you have completed and send them to the employer(s).
In all cases, the invoices are found in your Invoice history in your account and can be viewed / printed
You can also revoke and edit/resend invoices, see when an employer has paid your invoice and mark it as received your end.
You can also down your invoice data for use in a book keeping app
With regard to pension data:
When you work for Extended hours / improved access hubs the pension calcs are also competed for you as part of the auto generation. When you generate an invoice manually the pension calcs are included in the invoice payment Calculation.
You must set your Pension tier in your account Profile
At this time the locum A form is not currently generated
This will be something we add to your account quite soon, we hope

How to be invisible

There are 3 aspects which determine how employers see you
1. Your availability
if you have no availability in your Schedule then practices will not see you in their availability calendar
2. Your visibility
If you have no visibility connections to practices, practices would not see you even if you had availability
3. Hub connections (Connect from the Hub Work screen)
If you have Hub connections then you can have custom visibility and availability to Hubs, distinct from that which practices see – Hubs can assign you if you have Hub availability

Combining work for EHS hubs and in-hours practices

Login to your account and click theHub Work menu item in the top menu bar
Click add Hub and choose the Hub services from the drop down list to connect  to
You then get a brand new Hub management screen to manage the Hubs you connect with. In this new screen you can setup your visibility and availability for EHS Hub work
These settings work alongside any regular setup in your main Schedule, related to in-hours work, so that you can be simultaneous assigned to your chosen hub shifts and requested by practices for in-hours shifts
The Schedule screen handles all conflicts and clashes in the best logical way and sends notifications and reminders to all parties at each step
Your activity will build a history of work for you and show a future work schedule
You can also easily invoice employers for past shifts worked in your Schedule – for this visit the Invoice screen in the top main menu

Using Filters to help find a practitioner

Using filters
Your practitioner availability screens contain some built in filters.
When you apply a filter the screen reloads the availability, applying the filter(s)
At the top of the Availability screen there are 2 main filter buttons: Filter by skills & Filter by Internal list
Internal list filter
The Internal list filter will filter your Practitioner availability screen by the practitioners in your Internal List
An Internal List is a trusted list of practitioners that you can build within your account in order to save time and build relationships.
Your Internal list can be found in your Schedule menu at the top of the screen.
To add a practitioner to your Internal list simply click the practitioner name in the Availability screen then choose View Profile and you will see a screen containing lots of info about the practitioner.
Here there should be a button to request the practitioner join your Internal list
This will send a notification to the practitioner and, if they click a link to accept this request, they will be added to your Internal list
Skills filter
filter by skills, is pretty straight forward. It allows you to pick one or more skills / qualifications from a range of structured lists and apply them to your Availability screen, thus removing any practitioners that do not have these things listed in their profile.
Choose skills from the lists and click add to apply the filter. Notice how the list of available practitioners reduces after applying filter(s)
Also the filter(s) applied appear near the top of the availability screen in a way that allows you to see what you have applied and to quickly remove them