Funding the GPnetworks service in 2011

Many of you may already be aware that GPnetworks is no longer receiving PCT level funding and has had discussions with its members on how best to fund the service in future.

Following on from the very useful Support Site discussion ‘A discussion about how to fund the GPnetworks service‘, and direct discussions with locum GP’s, Practice Managers and Principals, we have decided upon what we believe to be a simple and fair model for funding the GPnetworks service and plan to begin roll-out from the second week of April, 2011.

Our new model has also taken into account forthcoming functional and structural changes to the service, that will be released at the same time. We will be offering practices two service level options and offering doctors a single improved service. All accounts will have a simple annual fee.

The service level changes are:

For doctors
Doctors will be able to gain access to a greater range of employment opportunities via new employers and have opportunities to join the ‘trusted’ lists of employer accounts.

For employers
All employer accounts will offer new, improved scheduling tools connected to the Request/booking process.

Doctor accounts: £free or £60 (join employer trusted doctor lists)
Employer accounts: £120 per anum OR £240 per anum (Build trusted lists and use governance tools)

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